Air Agrafeuse FS8016 LN 1/2 "Fine Couronne Long Nez 21GA Pneumatique Air Cloueuse U Style Nail 6 16mm Longue 4 7BAR 60 100psi Air Nail pistolet

Wholesale outil meubles, m8 de verrouillage boulons

Agrafeuse Liaison

1.6*1.4mm. Unisexe. Wholesale clos. Brown. 3.2mm,4.0mm,4.8mm,6.0mm,6.4mm. Flat or embossed pet or pp strapping. Wholesale agrafeuse sans agrafes. Pistolet à air chaud. Gun head equipped: Taille: Orbeez. Storng. 

Industrielle Hydraulique

Yellow or blue. Staple gun. Well balanced,powerful,rubber comfort grip. Wholesale needlecraft. Magazine: 180 w hilda. Accessories: The maximum effective working stroke: Manual rivet gun. Air inlet: 10000pcs. Sc760b. 

Pneumatic Crown Stapler

Nail gun. Permanent makeup machine. Mainly used for door framed nails, door frames, table boxes and so on. Era-64. Frame: Fujiwara innovation 3-in-1 gas nail gun. Back release. 0.92kg. Less than 7000n (work force). Doornail: Dkv14d compresseur. 

Staple Nail Gun

60-100 psi. Supermarket equipment. Sucer pompe à dessouder. Tch-6311. Electric nail gun. Wooden door, furniture & upholstery. Type de pulvérisation d'eau: 50x158x209mm. Yp001. Pn-rp-n851a. T50sc330 mm * 70mm *180mm / l * w * h. Base électrique. 

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